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Cafe del Mar - Aria Vol 1

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Adult Contemporary

Broad style of popular music that ranges from 1930s vocal music to ballad-heavy music with varying degrees of rock influence in more contemporary times.


Ambient / Chill / House

Atmospheric, chilling and/or house style music. From relaxing or late night partying to electronica.



A broad range of Western music from the earliest days to modern composers. Includes opera, symphonies, choirs, etc, with world famous soloists and orchestras.



Music for the religious listener.



Includes all vocal and instrumental music. From easy-listening jazz vocals to heavy, challenging formats from northern Europe to the purest blues from way back...


New Age

New Age music has various styles intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. Includes sounds of nature.



Rhythm and blues is a broad popular American style music. The genre expands to include the artists of the 50s and 60s to modern hip-hop and street music.



Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that incorporates rock 'n' roll, country, some styles of jazz and folk music. It has strong commercial production values associated with pop formats. 


South African

Mixed genre of music from South African artists.


World Music

World music is a general categorical term for global music, such as traditional music or folk music of a culture that is created and/or played by indigenous musicians and is closely related to the music of the regions of their origin.


DVD - Movies

A wide range of DVD movies from new and old. The range also includes documentaries and educational programs. TV series are included. Blu-Ray can be ordered.


DVD - Music

Music DVDs featuring live concerts or complilations of video material. Includes all music genres from operas to symphonic to rock concerts.