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Cafe del Mar - Aria Vol 1

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Hotel Costes - Best of...
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Hotel Costes - Best of...
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Content of compilation
1. Sympathique
2. London in the Rain
3. L' Amour
4. Adore
5. My Funny Valentine
6. Latazz
7. Morenito [Bossa Mix]
8. Caf de Flore [Charles Webster's Latin Lovers Mix]
9. Where Do I Begin [AwayTeam Mix]
10. Surround Me With Your Love [Mental Overdrive Remix]
11. Night Over Manaus
12. Mtropolitain
13. One Night in Rio
14. No Communication, No Love (Devastating)
15. S.O.S. (The Sounds of Silence)
16. What It Feels Like for a Girl [Stphane Pompougnac Remix]