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Ultimate Enemies - Elephants & Lions
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Ultimate Enemies - Elephants & Lions
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Released 1 Oct 2003
Region 2
Language English
Runtime 72 min
Over eight years of filming in the northern wildernesses of Botswana, the Jobbers have now released this follow up to their famous Emma award winning film eternal enemies.
A young pride of lions sets out on a grand adventure, leaving their safe home range and walking west into the unknown. When they finally arrive at a water hole, it is a vision of paradise, except the huge bull elephants that dominate stop them from drinking. Their first kill, a kudu, secures them a place in this territory but this strange status quo changes one day. Two huge bull elephants lock tusks in a battle. One elephant collapses and the lions come out of the shadows. What happens next changes the course of nature in the area and affects the relationship between these two ultimate enemies as the lions develop techniques for hunting the largest animals in their range.